About Me

Image: Victoria Brown, writer

I’m a writer of sapphic psychological thrillers and upmarket women’s fiction. My short stories and flash fiction have been published in print and online.

I studied English at the University of Cambridge and now live just outside the city, with my family.

I love reading, writing and talking about f/f (wlw) fiction and thrillers, in particular. I’m always looking to talk books here and on social media.

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I review ARCs via NetGalley and other books upon request. If you have a sapphic book you’d like to send me for review – how exciting! – please drop me a line. Please note: I don’t generally read f/f SFF, horror or erotica.

In terms of non-fiction, I’m interested in the history of gay rights, the lesbian and bi scene past and present, and all things feminism.

I’m an incorrigible people-watcher and am often to be found in a coffee shop, sipping chai and scribbling notes.