Unsteady Souls – a novel

What happens when the person you love the most, betrays you?

When leukaemia takes his best friend at thirty-five, Jack is left reeling.  Tom was his connection to the past, to his younger self. Now with his marriage in a rut and his son’s behaviour pushing the family to breaking-point, he feels adrift with no one to anchor him to who he was – and wants to be.

Struggling in her marriage to a distant husband, battling to get a diagnosis for her son, and having no time to concentrate on her music, Annie is barely holding things together. As a wife and mother, she accepted there would be sacrifices but not a total loss of self-identity. Feeling as though her own needs and desires have been overwhelmed, she reaches out for someone to listen.

Helen has everything she wants – youth, freedom and success as an international photographer exploring the world through the lens of her camera. But one thing has evaded her: love. And once she thinks she’s found it, she’ll do anything to make sure she keeps it. No matter what the cost to anyone else.

Unsteady Souls is an unflinching triptych of betrayal, told from all three sides of the love triangle. It explores our complex attitudes to infidelity and the toll it takes on those we care about the most.